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Welcome to WGD, we are the leading
manufacture of aviation components
in New Zealand. Our CNC Machining facility
is built from the ground up housing the best CNC machinetools money can buy.


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We have added the latest in CAM software to our toolbox, FeatureCAM is a market leader in producing effiant CNC code. This will add to our ability to produce parts quickly and on time.

FeatureCAM supports both 5-axis positional and simultaneous machining, including 5-axis drilling, trimming and swarf machining.

  • Produces complex parts with fewer set-ups, saving time and reducing errors
  • Increases accuracy by machining parts with shorter, more rigid, tools
  • Controls the 5 tool axis, allowing machining of areas that cannot be machined with 3-axis strategies
  • Converts 3-axis toolpaths to their 5-axis equivalents automatically, preventing collisions between holder and part

WGD Lead The Way

WGD have invested in LANG Work holding equipment manufactured in Germany.
LANG is the best in the world when it comes to workpiece holding. WGD has minimised the setup and transfer times of each job.

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WGD of New Zealand Install Delcam FeatureCAM

Accredited aeronautical and defence machinists Winston & Gordon Davies of Auckland, New Zealand, are renowned for their ultra-precision work which includes telescope components.

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New 5 Axis Machining On Site

On 18th December 2014 we installed our new Spinner 5 axis U620 machining center. This machine will enable us to process the most complex components with great efficiency and accuracy. In most cases this increased flexibility reduces the need for expensive fixtures, clamping devices which means we can save you some money, now that’s a good thing.

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